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How Does Cold Weather Impact your Home’s Ductwork?

Does Cold Weather Impact your Home’s Ductwork

If you haven’t had your ducts cleaned or inspected in a while, it may be a good idea to do so.

As you start to rely more on your home’s HVAC system to keep you and your family warm, your central HVAC system starts to rely more on your home’s ductwork to deliver that warmth. When it comes to your home’s HVAC, one of the last things you may even think about is your ductwork. As long as it is there and you are getting heat, it is probably “out of sight, out of mind”, but should it be? Is your home’s heating system delivering heat as it should? Is it costing you more money than it needs to? How does cold weather impact your home’s ductwork?

What is your Ductwork and Why is it Important?

Air ducts play a critical role in your Western New York home. They circulate air from your HVAC system to all locations throughout your house, helping to maintain comfort for your family throughout the year. Air ducts are connected to the HVAC unit which filters and then heats or cools your home’s air before sending it off. Air ducts are a vital part of your HVAC system.

While most homeowners are aware that they have air ducts and that they are what actually delivers the heated or cooled air throughout their home, they aren’t typically aware of just how important these components are to their home’s comfort. About 20% to 30% of the air that moves through the duct system is lost due to leaks, holes, and poorly connected ductwork. Not to mention, the quality of your indoor environment greatly depends on the quality of your air ducts. Dirty or blocked air ducts won’t just create air quality issues in your home, but it can drive up your utility bill as well.

How Does Cold Weather Impact your Home’s Ductwork?

Does cold weather impact your home’s ductwork, and if so, how? To put this simply, your ducts are being used more in the colder months to transport heated air throughout your home. With heat comes mold, mildew, and even pests. Yes, pests, like us, like to seek out the warmth in the cold and they can live in your ductwork, making being sure that your ducts are ready for the season and clean, very important for the air that you and your family breathe.

Also, gaps, holes, or other leaks in your ductwork let bacteria, mold, dust, and other unwanted particles into your HVAC system and to circulate throughout your home. Most people in the United States spend about 90% of their time indoors, especially during the colder seasons of the year, which makes the air that we breathe during these times, more important than ever. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has identified poor indoor air quality as both a short- and long-term health risk to American homeowners.

Should you Have your Ducts Inspected as Winter Sets in?

Cold weather impacts your home’s ductwork because it is directly related to the air that you are breathing, and breathing more of, as you and your family are inside more during this time of the year. If you haven’t had your ducts cleaned or inspected in a while, it may be a good idea to do so. A Hamburg HVAC professional can inspect your ductwork for any gaps or leaks and identify areas of uneven heating, which could indicate a blockage of some sort.

Some of the main reasons to have a furnace tune-up and to have your ducts inspected include:

– Identifying issues and having them fixed, can help you save on energy expenses. If air is leaking from your ducts or you have a blockage, your system needs to work harder to get your home to your ideal temperature.
– By having your ducts inspected, you reduce the risk of your system breaking down during the winter months, because if it has to work harder, it can shorten the system’s lifespan.
– Your system can work more efficiently, which can lower your energy bills. Dirty or leaking ducts block airflow, making your system work harder than necessary. This, in turn, uses more energy and makes your bills skyrocket.
– Clean ducts can help to keep asthma, allergies, and colds and flus to a minimum in your household. Cold and flu season is here, and this is because people are inside more making airborne illnesses more likely to easily spread.
– As mentioned above, you and your family are indoors more during the winter months, making indoor air quality more important now than ever.

While many people don’t think about their ducts, they should. Cold weather impacts your home’s ductwork and directly affects the air you breathe.

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