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Your IAQ matters.

Here’s why you should improve it.

The EPA has identified poor indoor air quality as both a short- and long-term health risk to American homeowners. But, just what is “poor indoor air quality,” anyway? Poor IAQ can have a negative impact on your health and happiness. It often contains contaminants that trigger allergies and cause sickness. For a complete assessment of what’s in your home’s air—along with detailed, personalized recommendations on how you can improve it—call our team to schedule an indoor air quality test.

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Ionization Air Scrubbers

This type of air scrubber emits both positive and negative ions into your home’s air. These ions are attracted to and attach to airborne contaminants. When they attach, they kill or deactivate them.

UV Light Air Scrubbers

These systems use a specific type of UV light to kill or deactivate organic matter that passes through it. Most viruses are deactivated by UV light exposure. This purifies your home’s air.

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Indoor Air Quality Services in Hamburg

When you hear the phrase “poor air quality,” what do you think of? While most people tend to think of freeways and smog in the city, some of the worst air quality is actually in your own home. In fact, many experts believe that poor indoor air quality (or “IAQ”) is a major contributor to indoor allergy symptoms, the spread of illness, and poor breathing.

Here’s the good news: you can do something about the air in your home. The team at Duffett specializes in a whole range of IAQ services, including installing air scrubbers and purifiers that are proven to clean the air in your home.

With our help, you can remove these contaminants from your home’s air: viruses, bacterial, mold particles, dust, pollen, pet dander, and more.

Ready to learn more or to get started on the path to better, easier-to-breathe air? Call us today or fill out the form to contact us online.

Do you know what’s in your air?

Here are some common IAQ issues.

Mold Particles
Pet Dander

We’re proud to install Nature’s Home systems.

Here’s what makes them effective.



Ionization and UV light air scrubber technology is tested and has been used for years in hospitals, commercial buildings, and homes around the world. Air scrubbers are vital to IAQ improvement.



The U.S. EPA has identified air cleaners and purifiers as an effective means of reducing indoor pollution and improving indoor air quality. An air scrubber can make a significant difference.



Most of the air scrubbers from Nature’s Home require little-to-no upkeep or maintenance. Installed out-of-sight in your home’s ducts, your air scrubber will purify your home’s air around the clock.