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What are the Most Common Furnace Issues?

Most Common Furnace Issues

When it comes to your family’s comfort, your HVAC system is one of the most important determining factors.

Our winters in Western New York are some of the coldest anywhere, making an issue with your heating system a major problem. No one wants their furnace to stop working in the middle of a cold brisk night. Most homeowners want their HVAC system to work flawlessly and keep their home comfortable throughout the entire year. By understanding and knowing what to look for, you can prevent an unexpected and undesired problem with your system. Keep reading to become more aware of some of the most common furnace issues.

What are the Most Common Furnace Issues?

When it comes to your family’s comfort, your HVAC system is one of the most important determining factors. Being aware of the most common furnace issues and being proactive, can help you avoid catastrophic problems. Some of the most common furnace issues can easily be avoided. Let’s review.

Dirty or Clogged Air Filters: We have reviewed this over and over again, but having clean air filters is essential to your HVAC system and the air you and your family breathe. A clogged or dirty filter in your Hamburg, NY and Erie County home affects the performance and efficiency of your HVAC system. A grimy filter can impede the air flow of your system and shorten its lifespan. This is an issue that can be avoided, by changing your air filter monthly.

Faulty Thermostat: When your heater and your thermostat don’t communicate properly, your home will have temperature and efficiency issues. A malfunctioning thermostat is one of the most common furnace issues. There are signs that it is time to replace your thermostat, and you should keep your eyes peeled for them.

Leaking or Clogged Ductwork: Homes with forced air HVAC systems, use ducts to distribute conditioned air throughout the house. About 20 to 30 percent of the air that moves through the duct system is lost due to leaks, holes, and poorly connected ductwork. If your ductwork has issues, including clogs that won’t allow air to pass through, it can mean problems for your furnace and your comfort.

Pilot Light Problems: Gas furnaces use a pilot light to help them produce heat, if this will not light or goes out (especially if repeatedly), your furnace will not be able to work. This issue could be caused by various reasons, whatever the case, this is one furnace issue you should always call in a professional furnace repair specialist to help you resolve.

Lack of Power to Your System: Most modern day furnaces use some form of electricity to distribute heat. If your system is lacking power, but the rest of your home is fine, that can indicate a problem. Check to make sure the power source is connected. If you can’t determine what is preventing your unit from getting power, call in a heating expert to help, so you can avoid a cold day and night for you and your family.

New Noises: We receive a lot of calls about heating units that begin making new noises. While your furnace may be working as intended, if it has started to make new sounds and loud noises, that is usually an indication that something is about to go wrong. Typically, when your furnace starts to make new sounds, especially a knocking or banging noise, this is a sign that something is not right and something is going bad in your unit.

Burning Smell: Along with new sounds, another one of the most common furnace issues, is new and unpleasant smells being produced by your heater. While a smell coming from your furnace when you first turn it on, isn’t always a bad thing and may be normal, if it is persistent or starts unexpectedly, you likely have an issue. If you noticed a burning smell coming from your furnace, there could be various causes, but in any case, you should shut off the unit and have a professional inspect it to avoid putting your home and family at risk.

We have reviewed some of the most common furnace issues we see every fall and winter; however, we see unexpected things all the time as well.

Having an annual furnace tune-up before you are ready to use your heat for the season, can help you to identify and prevent any potential issues for your system. You should schedule a furnace tune-up every year in the fall. Duffett Plumbing, Heating & AC is your team for heating repair, maintenance, and installation services here in Hamburg and Erie County.

We’re Hamburg’s day or night heating repair team. We’re proud to be there for your home with fast and responsive emergency service. All you need to do is give us a call, and we’ll get an experienced technician out to your home as soon as possible. We’re your top choice for heater services in Hamburg, NY.