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Understanding Familiar Plumbing Myths

Understanding Familiar Plumbing Myths

We are going to look into some familiar plumbing myths and get to the bottom of them.

A myth is a story that was created but is nothing more than a tale; however, many people believe myths to hold some truth. As with all things, there are stories about plumbing that aren’t exactly true and by knowing and understanding them, you can be aware of your home’s plumbing and stay on top of its health. While bacon is delicious, is pouring the grease down the drain with hot water a good idea?

We are going to look into some familiar plumbing myths and get to the bottom of them.

Rumbling and Gurgling Means Your Water Heater is Going to Explode

Typically, new sounds coming from your water heater are signs that you need it cleaned and need annual water heater maintenance; water heaters rarely explode. Rumbling or gurgling sounds coming from your water heater are usually caused by an excessive build up in sediment inside the tank. These sounds are produced by steam bubbles rising through the sediment. While it’s unlikely that the noises will lead to your water heater exploding, failure to address the issue could cause your water heater to stop working.

Hot Water Dissolves Grease and Helps Prevent Clogging

Running hot water while putting grease down your drain may make it appear that the grease liquefies; however, this is a plumbing myth. Once the liquefied grease gets to your pipes, it cools and solidifies and will build up and can create a clog and blockage in your Western New York plumbing.  Putting grease down your drains is not recommended, but if you are going to do it, rinse it down with cold water. Cold water helps to solidify the grease before it hits your plumbing, so it can flow more easily.

Ice Cubes Will Sharpen your Garbage Disposal Blades

Garbage disposals don’t have “blades”, they have grinding mechanisms. The grinding mechanisms shred the food (like a cheese grater); by the time the ice makes it to them, it has likely melted. This plumbing myth has been busted; however, ice cubes can still be an effective way to help clean your disposal. Grinding ice cubes can assist to knock off excess and left-over food and make your garbage disposal work better.

A Brick in your Toilet Tank Will Save you Money

A familiar plumbing myth is that placing a brick in your toilet tank helps you to save money in water consumption. In some cases, if done perfectly, a brick in your tank may save you minimal amounts of dollars in water consumption; however, this nifty fix can lead to long-term issues with your toilet that may cost you more. Using bricks in your toilet tank can lead to problems as the brick disintegrates over time, potentially affecting the flush mechanism and your plumbing.

Flush Away the Flushable Wipes

Even though the name implies they are flushable, flushable wipes, can leave you with clogged pipes. Toilet paper is designed to disintegrate in our pipes and sewage systems, but wipes are not. They’re typically made with synthetic materials, plastics or polyester, that won’t break down. So even if they flush down your toilet, they end up clogging plumbing and sewers in the long run.

We have only reviewed a few plumbing myths that you may be familiar with. It is important to know that plumbing myths are out there, and you shouldn’t believe everything you read. If you have plumbing problems, you should call a professional plumber. Your plumbing and water are too important to leave them up to stories and tales.

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