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Things you Shouldn’t Put Down the Drain This Thanksgiving

things you shouldn’t put down the drain this Thanksgiving

You can keep your kitchen plumbing working as it should, so you can enjoy your Thanksgiving feast with your guests.

When it comes to protecting your home’s plumbing, your Hamburg kitchen plumbing is probably at the top of your list. This is likely especially true over the holidays, and even more true if you are hosting. You can keep your kitchen plumbing working as it should, so you can enjoy your Thanksgiving feast with your guests. One of the best ways to protect your plumbing is to avoid filling your sink and garbage disposal with items that will damage them. Let’s review some things you shouldn’t put down the drain this Thanksgiving and beyond.

Things you Shouldn’t Put Down the Drain This Thanksgiving

Your Western New York plumbing is essential to your home functioning smoothly, especially over the holidays. When you put things down your drains that shouldn’t go down them, you can negatively impact your home and its plumbing. We have reviewed before how putting certain items down the kitchen sink can cause garbage disposal issues; however, there are also some items can also lead to much larger problems and they shouldn’t be put down the drain ever.

Things you shouldn’t put down the drain this Thanksgiving include:

Turkey Grease: It is a common plumbing myth that putting grease down your drain is okay if you wash it down with hot water. Grease will stick to the inside of your pipes and once it cools and solidifies it will build up and can create a clog and blockage in your Western New York plumbing. When it comes to Thanksgiving, that grease includes turkey grease and drippings. Turkey drippings are comprised of mainly grease, fat, and oil. These substances are terrible for your pipes.

Turkey Bones: Bones can cause major damage to your garbage disposal and plumbing. Even just the smallest sliver of a turkey bone can destroy your garbage disposal and cause it to jam. Use the wishbone for making wishes and dispose of the rest in the garbage.

Pasta and Rice: When you cook pasta and rice you can watch them grow and expand as they boil; well, they can do the same thing in your pipes. Pasta and rice can swell up and clog your pipes. Pasta and rice are also sticky, so if in your plumbing, they will catch other debris particles, which could lead to a larger clog and issue. If you are serving either of these starchy foods for the holidays, you shouldn’t put them down the drain.

Eggshells: While your pumpkin pie may call for eggs, your kitchen plumbing does not. Many homeowners believe that because eggshells are delicate and fragile that they can go down their drains without causing an issue; that couldn’t be more untrue. When wet, eggshells can become sticky and coat your pipes. The sharp, hard edges of eggshells then collect other things coming down your drain and eventually this will lead to a clog.

Coffee Grounds: Extra coffee may be needed during this time of the year to keep you on your toes, especially if you are hosting; however, those coffee grounds should not be put down your drain. Coffee grounds, like most of the other items we have reviewed, will build up and can cause blockages. Coffee ground induced drain issues are one of the most common plumbing issues in a home.

Starchy and Fibrous Fruits and Vegetables: Avoid putting things like celery, artichokes, asparagus, lettuce, onions and their skins, corn husks, and potato skins down your drain. The fibers from these types of foods can become tangled and jam the disposal motor and block the drains. Also the starch in the potatoes can turn into a thick paste, which could cause your blades to stick.

You likely want to keep your feast as enjoyable as possible, and avoiding things you shouldn’t put down your drains this Thanksgiving, can help. While you may not be able to avoid that one relative you don’t look forward to seeing, you can prevent a kitchen plumbing problem.

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