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The Most Common Plumbing Emergencies

Most Common Plumbing Emergencies

When your home has a plumbing emergency, it can’t wait.

As plumbers in Hamburg and Western New York, we see almost every type of plumbing issue. You would be amazed at the things we see down drains, the times of the day something breaks, and just how much out of nowhere a person can have a plumbing issue in their home. We tend to deal with plumbing emergencies more than you could probably even imagine. What are the most common plumbing emergencies? Let’s take a look.

Common Plumbing Emergencies

When your home has a plumbing emergency, it can’t wait. Hence the name, “emergency”. Curious about what the most common plumbing emergencies are? We take a look at them below.

Clogged Bathroom Plumbing (Toilet, Bathtub, Shower, etc.): We all know how important our bathroom plumbing is, and when something is clogged or not working right, it’s not just an inconvenience, it’s a problem. Toilets are the most used fixtures in our homes, so if one has an issue, it can ruin your day. You can try to resolve a toilet clog or backed up shower or bathtub on your own, but if the issue can’t be fixed, it’s an emergency.  

Clogged Sinks (Kitchen, Bathroom, Utility, etc.): Regardless where the sink is, if you need it, and it refuses to drain, it’s an issue. Think about going to wash your dishes or brush your teeth and not being able to because the sink basin is full of water that will not go down. You can try to tackle the issue on your own, but keep in mind, there are benefits to having a professional fix a clogged drain, including finding the cause and fixing it before you have more plumbing emergencies.

Burst Pipes: As it sounds, a burst pipe occurs when a pipe breaks for some reason. If there is a “burst,” a large amount of water will come rushing out where the break happened. This can happen if the pipes are super old or if water freezes in the pipes during cold weather. While our colder days are hopefully behind us for the year, a burst pipe can happen at any time. You should check your pipes occasionally to ensure that they are able to handle the regular usage they experience.

No Hot Water: Having no hot water is a common plumbing emergency, in fact, it’s what nightmares are made of. Hot water can impact your shower, washing machine, dishwasher, and more. The lack of hot water could mean there is an issue with your hot water heater, electrical issues, plumbing leak, or something else. Whatever the cause, not having hot water is not something you can live with for a long period of time, so the issue needs resolved as soon as possible.

Broken Water Line: Every Western New York home has a water line that delivers water from the primary local water source directly to the home. If this isn’t working or it is broken, you may notice that the water doesn’t come or there is much less pressure than usual. You may also notice a broken water line by seeing wet and soggy patches in your yard. A broken water line is not something you can wait to have repaired, as it can cost you a lot of money (due to the water lost) and cause additional damage to your property.

Excessive Leaks: While a tiny leak in your plumbing may be something you can deal with for a few days, if you have severe leaks, not only are you wasting a lot of money, you could be causing water damage to your home. If you have leaking water in your home, or suspect there is an issue behind a wall or in a ceiling, it’s an emergency. If you think you have an issue but can’t find it, look for noticeable signs of water damage, including peeling paint or wallpaper, patches of discoloration, and/or a musty smell. If you have a large water leak inside a wall or somewhere else in your home, you should contact a local plumber to resolve the issue ASAP.

Sewer Backup: Last, but certainly not least, is one plumbing emergency that almost everyone considers an emergency, and it’s when they notice a sewer backup in their home. Not only does it stink, it causes a health risk to you and your family. If wastewater is starting to come up through your drains, there is a major problem and you need to call an expert plumber immediately.

Keep in mind, anytime there is an issue with your plumbing, we know that it’s an emergency, so just because it isn’t listed above, doesn’t mean your issue doesn’t need immediate attention. We get that. That’s why at Duffett Plumbing, Heating & AC our expert plumbers are available Day or Night.

You can count on our team to be there for your most urgent plumbing needs. We’re more than just fast, we’re professionals. That’s why we back our work with our 2-Year Super Service Guarantee.

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