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Is Hard or Soft Water Better for Your Home?

Is Hard or Soft Water Better for Your Home?

When it comes to water, there are two types, hard and soft water; let’s review these two types of water in further depth.

When it comes to your Western New York home’s water, you may or may not know if you have hard or soft water, or really care, but should you? Is hard or soft water better for your home? Can the type of water you have make a difference for you, your family, and your home’s appliances and plumbing? Let’s review.

Is Hard or Soft Water Better for Your Home? Does it Make a Difference?

Around 85% of the US water supply is hard, so you likely have hard water in your Western New York home.

What type of water you prefer in your home, really depends on personal preference. There are added minerals in hard water, so some people believe it is the best option, when consumed, for health reasons. Other people think that soft water is not as harsh and causes less issues to their skin, appliances, and plumbing, so it is their preferred water type.

You may be able to determine if you have hard or soft water on your own based on residue, taste, etc.; however, if not, you can test your water hardness levels usually but taking a sample and sending it somewhere, or completing an at home test.

If you have reoccurring clogs in the plumbing throughout your home, due to mineral buildup and deposits, you likely have hard water. There are options to lower your water hardness with water softeners and more.

Let’s Review Further.

When it comes to water, there are two types, hard and soft water; let’s review these two types of water in further depth.

Hard Water:

Rainwater is naturally soft; however, as it is collected and flows from its origin, to your Western New York home, and out of your home’s water sources, it can collect minuscule particles (minerals) along the journey. The uncomplicated definition of water hardness is the amount of dissolved calcium and magnesium in the water. Hard water is high in dissolved minerals, largely calcium and magnesium.

Depending on the hardness of your water, after using soap to wash, with hard water, you may feel like there was a film of residue left on your hands and body. In hard water, soap reacts with the calcium (which is relatively high in hard water) to form “soap scum”. When using hard water, more soap or detergent is needed to get things clean, such as your hands, hair, or your laundry (

With hard water, due to its higher content of minerals, if consumed, while not harmful, it may have a rather strong taste. Keep in mind, due to hard water’s additional minerals, there are also some added health benefits, when consumed. Hard water can cause dry skin and hair, leave spots and residue, and is known to create buildup that can damage plumbing and appliances.

Soft Water:

Soft water is much gentler than hard water and, as mentioned above, often has the excess minerals removed through a water softener system. Soft water, is water containing little or no dissolved particles of calcium or magnesium. This water contains less than 17 parts per million.

With soft water, less build up is created and your soap and detergents are more effective, as it is much lower on the water hardness scale. Soft water, generally tastes different than most people are used to, because the minerals of hard water can add a bit of flavor to the water, and without them, the water can taste a little salty.

Due to the lack of minerals in soft water, many people believe that this type of water can make you feel cleaner, prevent scale buildup around your home, improve soap’s effectiveness, decrease issues with plumbing backups and clogs, and help to prevent dryness.

Is Hard or Soft Water Better for Your Home?

There is no easy answer to this question, as it depends on personal preference, water usage, and your particular home. If you have issues around your home and plumbing due to your water being too hard, it may be time to think about lowering the hardness levels.

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