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How to Properly Drain Your Swimming Pool

How to Properly Drain Your Swimming Pool

As the Western New York summer season starts to come to an end, as much as you probably don’t want to, you are likely starting to think about closing your pool for the year.

As the Western New York summer season starts to come to an end, as much as you probably don’t want to, you are likely starting to think about closing your pool for the year. While you still have a few more weeks of swimming weather to enjoy, closing your pool is probably on your list of things to do before fall and winter. You may be wondering if you should drain your pool, and if so, how to properly do so. We are going to review why and how to properly drain your swimming pool.

How Often Should I Drain my Swimming Pool?

There is really no set time frame for how often you should drain your pool, it depends on your pool and your specific situation. You’ve probably read that you shouldn’t drain your pool unless you absolutely have to. This is true. The big reasons for draining a pool are either that a repair needs to be performed that can’t be done with water in it or that you need to stabilize the level of total dissolved solids (TDS). If you are going to clean your pool water, the fall is the perfect time to start fresh, so it is ready to go in the spring.

Reasons to Drain Your Pool

There are a few reasons that you may be thinking about draining pool. Before you can learn how to properly drain your swimming pool, you should understand why you may need to:

Clean the Pool: If your pool’s chemicals are imbalanced and you have tried all you can to resolve the issue, they could create an ugly buildup in your pool that requires a thorough cleaning that cannot be completed with water in the pool.

Pool Repairs: Over time, holding thousands of gallons of water takes a toll on your pool’s liner and surfaces. A vinyl liner may start to bubble and tear, while a concrete pool may develop cracks. You can’t repair these things with water in the swimming pool.

– Paint the Pool: If you have a painted pool, the sun will cause it to fade overtime. If you want to keep it looking fresh and vibrant, you will need to drain the pool to touch it up and repaint it.

– Change the Water: Even if you’ve kept up with maintenance and water chemistry, there will eventually come a time when you need to change the water. The total dissolved solids (TDS), dirt, leaves, and any other contaminants, will eventually grow to the point where they cannot be filtered out. When that happens, it will interfere with your ability to maintain proper water chemistry, so you need to start fresh.

How to Properly Drain Your Swimming Pool

If the time has come, for whatever reason, for you to drain your swimming pool, you should ensure that you are doing it correctly and following local guidelines. Draining your swimming pool onto the street, into storm drains and near waterways is illegal in many townships and municipalities across the country. You may be able to de-chlorinate your pool water and use it to water your lawn or garden, but you may only do so if it can be done without flooding other’s property or causing additional problems. The best way to drain the pool is to empty it directly into the sewer line outside your home.

Before you start draining your pool you should understand the local guidelines around doing so, and ensure you select an option that is best for you and your scenario. Always check with the pool manufacturer recommendations as well, to ensure your pool can handle a complete draining.

Why is the Fall a Good Time to Drain Your Pool?

Fall and/or spring are the best times to drain your pool, due to the mild Western New York temperatures. Pools are meant to be full of water and when they are drained, and the liner is dry and exposed to high heat, it’s vulnerable and can be damaged by the sun.

To avoid causing additional damage to your pool, you should drain your pool when the outside temperature is 85°F (29°C) or lower. If your pool needs to be drained, but you’re into the middle of summer when temperatures are high, you should wait until autumn to drain your swimming pool.

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