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Call us for Day or Night frozen pipe repair, thawing.

Here in Erie County, our winters are infamously cold. On the most frigid nights of the year, every home here in the Southtowns is relying on its furnace for vital warmth. If yours stops working, your home is at danger of having its pipes freeze overnight.

A frozen pipe is more than just inconvenient. If the pipe bursts under the pressure, it may flood your home, causing extensive water damage. This is no time for a DIY approach. You need a professional plumber—and fast.

At Duffett, our plumbers are available Day or Night. We specialize in frozen pipes repair here in Hamburg, NY. If your pipes have frozen overnight, don’t hesitate to call us or request service online.

Your pipes can’t wait.

Call us for fast, Day or Night service.

If your home’s pipes have frozen, they’re an imminent threat to your home. As water pipes freeze, the ice in them expands, putting pressure on the pipe itself. With enough time and pressure, this can cause the line to burst open, flooding your home.

Call us right away. We’ll safely thaw your pipes.

We can help protect your home this winter.

Prevent frozen pipes with our help.

Schedule a furnace tune-up.

Most pipe freezes occur when the furnace stops working overnight, allowing indoor temperatures to drop. Get your furnace ready for the winter ahead with a professional tune-up from our team.

Have us add pipe insulation.

If your heater does stop working, insulation around your pipes could be their saving grace. It helps slow heat loss, buying your pipes precious hours before they freeze. It’s great for peace of mind.

Have us inspect your water heater.

Running hot water can help prevent your pipes from freezing. However, a broken water heater leaves you without this vital protection. Have us regularly inspect and maintain your home’s water heater.

We repair burst pipes.

We’ll help stop the leak.

If the unthinkable happens and a frozen pipe bursts in your home, don’t panic. Turn the water supply off and call us for Day or Night service. We’ll send one of our frozen plumbing replacement and repair specialists out to your home as soon as possible.

We’ll stop the leak and replace the affected pipe.

Our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Your best choice for local service.

Everything we do comes backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. When you call us for frozen pipe repair and thawing, you get the peace of mind that comes with knowing our plumbers are going to get the job done quickly, do things right, and answer all of your questions. It’s the Duffett difference.

Your frozen pipe questions—now answered.

We address your FAQs.

Why can’t I thaw my own pipes?

What if I live in an apartment or condo?

Will the pipes thaw on their own?

Team Duffett

You can count on Duffett.

We’re dedicated to our customers.

We’re proud to be Hamburg’s leading HVAC and plumbing services company. Since 1971, we’ve earned the business of our city’s homeowners by providing great, honest service.


Our Plumbers

Licensed, experienced, and ready.

When you have a plumbing problem in your home, you don’t want just anyone making the repair. You need an experienced professional who has the tools, training, and expertise to do the job right.