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Common Garbage Disposal Issues for Western New York Homes

Common Garbage Disposal Issues

Most garbage disposal issues are brought on by homeowners putting certain foods down the garage disposal.

The name “garbage disposal” may be a tad misleading, as garbage disposals are not meant to be used to dispose of all your garbage. Garbage disposals are meant for getting rid of food items and most foods are completely okay to go down the drain; however, if you put the wrong things down your disposal it can lead to clogs and costly plumbing repairs. Most garbage disposal issues are brought on by homeowners putting certain foods down the garage disposal that can lead to a clog or other kitchen plumbing issues. What are common garbage disposal issues for Western New York homes?

Common Garbage Disposal Issues

Garbage disposals are a great addition to any kitchen and a clean way to discard of food scraps, if used correctly. Let’s review some common garbage disposal issues and ways they can be avoided.

Garbage disposal that will not grind: If you turn on the garbage disposal and it won’t start grinding, but the motor is making a humming sound, this usually indicates that the inner flywheel is jammed. This problem is almost always the result of food or a foreign object being lodged somewhere inside the disposal.

You can usually avoid having a garbage disposal that will not grind, but not putting non-food items or certain food items down your disposal.

Leaking garbage disposal: Garbage disposal leaks can occur from numerous places on a garbage disposal. A leak can cause damage to things under your sink and be an indicator of additional kitchen plumbing issues.

Garbage disposal leaks can be caused over time by the continuous vibration of the garbage disposal. This pulsation can loosen the mount that keeps the garbage disposal connected to your sink drain. You may also find leaking in your Western New York garbage disposal if hoses or gaskets come lose or have worn down over time.  

A leaking garbage disposal is typically caused by use and time, which is hard to avoid; however, it is a good idea to check the mounts, hoses, and gaskets from time to time. This will allow you to tighten them when needed and may proactively warn you that it may be time to replace some parts.

Slow draining garbage disposal and kitchen sink: Another common garbage disposal issue is a garbage disposal that is slow to drain. This can be caused by numerous issues, but it’s usually the result of clogging that has led your sink to slowly drain. The clogging can be in the top part of your disposal but is likely somewhere down the line in your plumbing.

A clogged garbage disposal and kitchen plumbing is usually from food waste being built up. You can avoid a clogged disposal and kitchen sink by not putting certain things down your disposal.

Things You Should Avoid Putting Down Your Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals, for the most part, can grind almost anything you put in them; however, what your plumbing can handle is a different story.

Below are some things you should never put down your disposal:

  • – Coffee Grounds
  • – Pasta
  • – Bones
  • – Shellfish Shells
  • – Grease and Fats
  • – Oil
  • – Eggshells
  • – Corn Husks
  • – Artichokes
  • – Oatmeal
  • – Nuts
  • – Onion Skins and Celery
  • – Potato Peels and Other Starchy Vegetables and Peels
  • – Fruit Pits
  • – Any Non-Food Items

While some common garbage disposal issues can not be avoided, the damage to your kitchen plumbing can be something you don’t encounter, by not disposing of certain foods down your garbage disposal.

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