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Can I Put This Down the Drain?

Can I Put This Down the Drain?

If you have to ask yourself, “Can I put this down the drain?”, you probably should dispose of it in the trash or another way instead.

When it comes to your drains and any plumbing issues you may have, a lot of them can be avoided, by simply not washing certain items down your drains. Whether you just spin everything down the drain after cooking, or things unintendedly fall down the drain; what goes down your Western New York drain can cause issues in the long run for our household pipes and plumbing. If you are standing in front of your kitchen sink wondering, “Can I put this down the drain?”, we are going to help you answer that question.

What Should I Not Put Down my Drain?

Your Western New York plumbing is essential to your home functioning smoothly. When you put things down your drains that shouldn’t go down them, you can negatively impact your home and its plumbing. While we have reviewed before how putting certain items down the kitchen sink can cause garbage disposal issues, some items can also lead to much larger problems.

Let’s dive in and answer your question, “Can I put this down the drain?”. Below are some common items that you should never let disappear down your kitchen sink, with or without a garbage disposal.

Eggshells: Many homeowners believe that because eggshells are delicate and fragile that they can go down their drains without causing an issue; that couldn’t be more untrue. When wet, eggshells can become sticky and coat your pipes. The sharp, hard edges of eggshells then collect other things coming down your drain and eventually this will lead to a clog.

Grease: It is a common plumbing myth that putting grease down your drain is okay if you wash it down with hot water. Grease will stick to the inside of your pipes and once it cools and solidifies it will build up and can create a clog and blockage in your Western New York plumbing. Putting grease down your drains is not recommended.

Flour: When it comes to flour, if you are asking yourself, “Can I put this down the drain?”, think about the consistency flour turns to when combined with water. Flour coagulates when mixed with water and this can create a clog by coating the pipes and making a sticky substance to catch other bits of things going down the drain.

Produce Stickers: Let’s be honest, most of us are guilty of washing our fruits and vegetables and watching the produce sticker make its way down the drain. Those stickers, as little as they may be, can cause issues for your plumbing. They don’t dissolve in water and can clog your pipes and block screens and filters.

Coffee Grounds: Just because we can drink coffee, doesn’t mean the grounds are safe to go down your drain. Coffee grounds, like most of the other items we have reviewed, will build up and can cause blockages. Coffee ground induced drain issues are one of the most common plumbing issues in a home.

Pasta and Rice: When you cook pasta and rice you can watch them grow and expand as they boil; well, they can do the same thing in your pipes. Starchy foods, such as pasta and rice can swell up and clog your pipes. Pasta and rice are also sticky, so if in your plumbing, they will catch other debris particles, which could lead to a larger clog and issue.

Paint Products: Paint products are not only bad for the environment if washed away down your drains, they also can cause a clog in your Western New York pipes. Good Housekeeping suggests allowing small amounts of leftover paint to dry and harden before throwing it in the trash, instead of washing it down the drain.

Some other common items people often put down the drain only to find out they cause issues later are: “flushable” wipes, paper products, cleaning supplies, old medications, bleach, cooking oil, and motor oil.

If you have to ask yourself, “Can I put this down the drain?”, you probably should dispose of it in the trash or another way instead. When it comes to protecting your plumbing, you are the first line of defense.

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