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Benefits of an Annual Furnace Tune-up

Benefits of an Annual Furnace Tune-up

There are benefits of an annual furnace tune-up, and it is not only that it helps you prevent unexpected breakdowns, it also boosts your heater’s energy efficiency.

The days are getting shorter, leaves are falling, and fall has officially arrived in Western New York. With autumn, comes crisp weather and Western New York homeowners seeking some comfort and heat from their furnace. Is your furnace ready for the colder days ahead? We are going to review the benefits of an annual furnace tune-up, so you can ensure your home maintains your ideal comfort level in the months to come.

What are the benefits of an annual furnace tune-up?

There are benefits of an annual furnace inspection and tune-up, and it is not only that it helps you prevent unexpected breakdowns, it also boosts your heater’s energy efficiency. Furnace manufacturers all recommend annual inspections and maintenance by a qualified heating professional. Most HVAC manufacturers have language in their warranties saying that damage to units, caused by inadequate maintenance, is not covered under the warranty.

Preventative HVAC maintenance can help you avoid future headaches and expenses. It can also keep your Western New York heater running at its peak condition, boosting its energy efficiency and ability to heat your home.

Why should you schedule an annual furnace tune-up?

Furnace inspections and tune-ups have various safety and maintenance benefits. We are going to further review some of the benefits of an annual furnace tune-up:

Avoid Heating and Other Problems: A furnace or boiler breakdown in the middle of winter is not only a major inconvenience, but it could actually put your home in danger of other issues. Without heat, your pipes may freeze overnight. An annual checkup from a licensed technician can help your furnace make it through the season with a lower risk of unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs.
Boost Energy Efficiency: With a tune-up, your heating system will run more efficiently, conserving energy and reducing your monthly utility bills. No matter what type of system you have, you should maintain it.
Protect and Extend Your System: With annual preventative maintenance, your heating system will age better and last longer, allowing you to get more years out of the system. Regular maintenance can delay the need for a new furnace in your Western New York home.
Improved Heating Operation: An annual furnace tune-up can help to remove inconsistent heating and other performance problems. With a tune-up, potential issues and blockages are identified before they cause heating or other problems.
Manufacturer Warranty: As previously mentioned, many furnace manufacturers offer warranties on their products that require you to have annual maintenance from a professional. To ensure you maintain the warranty, you need a tune-up.

What does a heating tune-up include?

We have reviewed the benefits of an annual furnace tune-up, but you may be wondering, what a tune-up actually includes. At Duffett Plumbing, Heating & AC we focus on multi-point tune-ups that include:

Cleaning and Inspecting Components: The technician will take the time to run through the major components of your heating system and will clean and lubricate them as needed. Your vents will be checked for blockages, the ignition and flame sensor will be tested, and the heat exchanger will be inspected.
Tightening Parts: During a tune-up, the technician will tighten connections and ensure that moving parts are working properly. The furnace belts and fans will be inspected, electrical connections will be tightened, and the blower and blower wheel will be examined.
Verifying Performance: The technician will run multiple tests to ensure your furnace is performing as it should. Your thermostat will be recalibrated, as needed, a gas furnace safety inspection will be conducted, and it will be confirmed that temperature throughout your Western New York home is as expected.

Get your furnace ready for fall and winter with a furnace tune-up

You should schedule a furnace tune-up every year in the fall. Duffett Plumbing, Heating & AC is your team for heating repair, maintenance, and installation services here in Hamburg and Erie County.

Contact us today to start reaping the benefits of an annual furnace tune-up.